About Us

In almost every family there's that one guy who can fix anything and loves to tinker. In our family that guy is our Dad.  Vern Ader began his career as a machine shop teacher in 1956, and over the years created many inventions. 

Vern saw his neighbor struggling to remove weeds and had an inspiration for a tool that would use an electric drill to spin weeds out by the root. His idea was to eliminate back-breaking labor or the need for chemical agents. Vern's neighbor liked the first prototype and offered suggestions. Vern kept working to perfect his idea until he was satisfied with it's durability and usefulness.

Vern's idea is now our flagship product, WeedSpinner.

Did we mention Vern loves to tinker? It's true, so much so that he eventually decided he'd rather spend time back in his shop working on his next idea than packing and shipping orders. In 2019 he sold the product rights to his oldest son, who now runs the business of manufacturing and marketing both WeedSpinner and it's companion product, Weed 'N Till.

Vern insists on honesty and integrity without compromise, and that remains true today. We strive to serve our customers as we would wish to be served. To our customers we make this promise: if you ever have a problem with our products  or service, we will do our level best to make it right.

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