Weed 'N Till WT-1

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WEED 'N TILL Drill-Powered Weed Removal And Tilling Tool For Gardens And Flower Beds WT-1

Remove weeds quickly and easily with WEED 'N TILL using your 3/8" cordless drill. Put your drill to work and get weeds out fast! WEED 'N TILL is an innovative drill-driven weed removal and tilling tool that spins out weeds at the root. It's fast and fun to use. There's no kneeling, bending, or getting your hands dirty. Use WEED 'N TILL with your cordless electric drill (drill not included.) WEED 'N TILL has a forged steel shaft 33" long. The end that goes into your drill features 3 flat surfaces to stay firmly in the drill's chuck. The innovative design features a forged pointed tip to pierce sod, hardscape, and clay soils. Works on most any surface where weeds grow including lawns, gardens, sod, hardscape, loose rock, and more. Put your drill to work and get weeds out fast!!